KIM RAV – NetSetGO Ambassador!


Australian Netball Diamond Kim Ravaillion is the NetSetGO ambassador.

Kim loves her netball, and has since she first started playing at 7 years of age!


Growing up what was your favourite netball position:  Goal Shooter

Most embarrassing moment on the netball court: Tripping over myself!

If you weren’t a netballer what would you do: Personal training on The Biggest Loser.

Favourite singer: Beyoncé…I love to dance to her music!

Favourite movie: The Game Plan

Favourite show when you were growing up: The Saddle Club

Favourite subject at school: PE

Favourite food before a game: Fruit and nuts

Favourite food after a game: Steak and salad

If they made a movie about you, which actor would play you: Not sure, but they would definitely be the hero



Kim with her NetSetGO DANCE DVDs.

Read more about Kim Ravaillion’s announcement as NetSetGO Ambassador here.