Who can take part in Suncorp NetSetGO?

Girls and boys aged between 5 and 10 years old.

Who runs Suncorp NetSetGO?

The program is coordinated by accredited Suncorp NetSetGO centres. These can be clubs, associations, schools or community groups. 

How do I register my child for Suncorp NetSetGO?

Use our centre finder to look for an accredited Suncorp NetSetGO centre near you.

How long does Suncorp NetSetGO run for?

Program length varies from centre-to-centre. We recommend that the program runs for a minimum of eight weeks, and a maximum of 16 weeks.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary from state-to-state and centre-to-centre. Please get in touch with the Centre Coordinator to find out pricing.

What will my child receive for the registration fee?

The registration fee covers program delivery, your participant pack and insurance through the National Risk Protection program.

What should my child wear to take part in Suncorp NetSetGO?

Their Suncorp NetSetGO t-shirt, shorts or a skirt and sneakers. If your child is playing outside, we recommend they wear a hat too.

My child has never played netball before. Will they be able to keep up with the other children?

Absolutely. Suncorp NetSetGO is an introductory netball program that is designed for every child, no matter what their ability.

Can parents get involved?

This depends on each centre, but generally the more parents that help out, the better! Have a chat to your Centre Coordinator.

Why are Suncorp NetSetGO rules and equipment modified?

It’s important that sport is modified to suit children’s age, size and ability. By doing this, sport will be more fun and children are more likely to have a positive experience.

When was the GO tier introduced?

The GO tier is new for 2018 and is aimed at 9 to 10 year olds.

When will my child start playing modified netball games?

We introduce modified games in Set. This means child start playing modified matches from 7 years old.

What is the difference between Set and GO?

There are a number of differences, including the introduction of more specialised netball skills and basic netball strategies. We also introduce participants to higher posts and competitive elements, like scoring.

Why do Suncorp NetSetGO matches use modified rules and equipment?

It’s important to remember that children aren’t mini adults. It’s important that children take part in modified versions of sport that are appropriate to their age, size and skill level. This lowers the risk of potential injuries and creates a positive learning experience.

It’s also important that children use sports equipment that matches their size and age (for example, smaller netball and shorter goal posts). This encourages development and refinement of children’s sporting skills and reduces the chance of injury.

“Children get bored in NetSetGO – they want to play the real game”

Unfortunately, this statement is based on adult perceptions and is not supported by research.

When children do not develop basic fundamental movement skills they lack the confidence, ability and motivation to continue to participate in sport or physical activity. Parents and caregivers should support participation in modified programs and not push to progress to adult rules until the foundation skills have been established.