Your Equipment Kit

We send every new Suncorp NetSetGO centre an equipment kit to help you get started!
Suncorp NetSetGO equipment kit

What’s in the equipment kit?

  • two sets of positional bibs
  • two sets of non-positional bibs
  • five skipping ropes
  • five spike balls
  • 15 bean bags
  • six hoops
  • 50 markers
  • a carry bag to keep everything together.

We’ll send your kit as soon as your centre has been approved.

Equipment vouchers

We understand that equipment doesn’t last forever, so every year we’ll send a voucher that gives you the freedom to choose the items you need. If you’re an existing centre, we’ll send you a voucher through email, which you can redeem through our online shop.

Interested in running Suncorp NetSetGO for the first time?

Get in touch with your State Netball Association, or visit their website for a registration form.