Healthy Habits for Coaches

Hey coach!

Thanks to our friends at healthdirect, every Suncorp NetSetGO participant will find a Healthy Habits activity book in this year’s participant pack. The book is jam-packed with activities to help your small heroes develop healthy habits.

We’ve already added in some handy tips for mum and dad, but as coaches you can also help your Suncorp NetSetGO participants develop healthy habits.

How can I help on court?

During your Suncorp NetSetGO session there are heaps of things you can do to encourage some healthy habits.

Drink more water!

It’s super important for your Suncorp NetSetGO kids to stay hydrated during their session. Here’s a few tips:

  • Let your participants have their water bottles on the baseline or sideline during sessions, so they can drink when they feel thirsty
  • Encourage your participants to have a few big mouthfuls of water during each break
  • Encourage your participants to have their water bottles with them when they are warming up or cooling down

Or, have a water drinking competition by:

  • Asking each participant to bring in a 500ml bottle of water to the session
  • Schedule in four water breaks
  • Before the session, mark each water bottle at 100ml increments
  • At every break, challenge each participant to drink the 100ml
  • At the end of the session, use the facts on the Water Intake sheet (download here) and test the kids

Healthy eating

Healthy eating is really important for children’s health, growth and development. Here’s a few questions you can ask at your sessions to help keep healthy eating at the front of participants’ minds:

  • “What did you eat for breakfast?”
  • “What are you eating for afternoon tea?”
  • “What is the best snack to have after playing netball?” and “Why is this the best snack?”

Use the facts on our Healthy Eating sheet (download here).

Or, host a Healthy Eating week during your Suncorp NetSetGO program by:

  • Providing brekkie or afternoon tea for participants
  • Offering options for each participant to bring a snack to share
  • Inviting parents to take part in the brekkie

Staying safe during exercise

Stretching is just one part of safe exercise. Here’s an activity you can try as homework for your group:

  • At the end of the session, challenge each participant to bring a stretch to share
  • At the start of the next session, stand in a circle and ask each participant to lead a new stretch

Use our KNEE program to help you out!

Watch our videos

We’ve created some fun short videos that show eight different things your Suncorp NetSetGO participants can do on a daily basis to help them stay strong, fit and healthy! Watch them below.

Download our fact sheets

We’ve created 10 fact sheets covering heaps of topics, including developing life skills through sport, hydration facts, healthy eating and much, much more.  Download the pack here.